Monday, 28 December 2009

Little Crafters

Well at last I can post these photos of my little crafters getting crafty back in July. They were busy making Christmas presents for their Auntie Cat in Oz.

Richard made a Neddle case - with of course, Ladybugs on it.

Natasha made a Ladybug shapped pin cushion.

Richard wrote a message on the back in pencil for Auntie Cat and then back stitched over it, this way she'll never forget who made it for her. Hopefully she'll have many years of use out of it - my mum is still using one that I made her when I was a little girl.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Baby Zoe

At last baby Zoe Mai has made her entrance into the world.

This did mean though that I then had to get busy with neddle and thread. As well as making for baby Zoe, I couldn't leave her beautiful big sister out - Abbey!. So I made her a couple of t.shirts, appliqued in pink, just as every three year old princess would like.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Present for baby Joab

Natasha's teacher, Sarah Cave, recently gave birth to a baby boy, Joab. When Sarah left the school to go on maternity leave we brought her a present but nothing for her baby. I got myself organsied and brought some baby sleepsuits and vests, along with some pink and some blue gingham fabric. Then it was just a case of sitting tight waiting for baby to make his/her apperance. Baby eventually made it into the world after a long and hard labour, on the 17th July 2009, it was a few days before he was named: Joab Areon Knight. Iwas then able to get busy and make a present for baby Joab. I was pleased with the end results as it was the first appliquing I'd done. I had a lovely message off Sarah & Joab saying how much they appreicated the gifts too, so that made all the hard work worth while.

Peg Bags

After finishing Natasha's duvet and curtains I was inspired to have a go at making a peg bag from this book . I found some old curtains that I'd taken down out of Richards room for the main fabric and then used some blue and white gingham left over from another project for the lining. The clothes were made from some scraps my mum had brought me form our local Quilting Shop.

How to start

I don't really know where to start if I'm honest, I've never done anything like this before! I was inspired by reading my sister-in-laws blog (Cat - ladybug) so I thought why not give it a go.

I have recently been bitten by the sewing bug, and was fortunate enough to be given a sewing machine by a friend of mine - this has now taken up residence in my kitchen diner, so now when ever I want to sew it's sat there ready and waiting for me. We are just coming to the end of our Summer School holidays in the UK ( I work in a school as a teaching assistant). During our time off ,my daughter, Natasha aged 5 and myself have designed and made a duvet cover and curtains for her bedroom. I got Natasha to draw some pictures for me of things that she'd like on her duvet/curtains and then I made patterns of them, before appliquing them on.

We were both really pleased the end result, especially Natasha, as she can now see her drawings turned into something special. We finished the project off with a appliqued picture of her and our pet dog Bumble the Golden retriever.