Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What have I learnt this week?

Well it must be ages since I was last on here,  lots being going on in the last week or so.  The Royal Wedding happened on Friday which meant we all got an extra day off work, to celebrate we went to a friends for a BBQ and I made red, white & blue cakes.

Saturday was spent shopping in Manchester with a very old friend, we had a real blast it was like being 19 all over again - well as long as you didn't look in the mirror it was.
Then Sunday we went to Wales and spent the day with the lovely couple we bought Nooodles from, they spoilt us rotten and even took us down to the beach so the kids and dogs could have a play in the sea.

 As you can see they al had a great time.
Tash enjoyed having a hug of Bethan.

In the last week or so I have learnt that;
  • That fruit cake tastes so much better when you're on a diet.
  • That my children's good manners are appreciated by others as well as by myself.
  • That Krispy Kreme doughnuts don't taste that good.
  • Even if you don't see a true friend for years when you do meet up again it's like those years never happened.